lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2015


Human beings have always had in mind that our planet cannot be the only one that has life. The universe is enormous and it is grows up more and more everyday. It has a lot of suns and planets so, I think that it would be a mistake if we believe that we are the only one solar system which has life. Even, may be in our own solar system, the planets which we are used to name, have life and we do not know anything about that.
I have wanted to talk about this theme because the universe and this type of things about if it will have something being able to speak and think like us out of our planet or system, I like so much. I have watched some documentaries about it and I remember one of them which was talking about if humans could be aliens. It is so crazy! But it was talking about when dinosaurs dead because of the meteorite and afterwards appeared new lives and the evolution. The theory of that documentary was: May be those new life lived in the meteorite which hit the earth. So, do we really know about where we come from?

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