sábado, 19 de diciembre de 2015


Since we are younger we only know that we have to go at school and study but may be we have never thought how really education is.
That is the problem, the most people or kids in this case, do not think about that, just go and anything else. I am not saying that I am the only person who has thought it because before I was equal than the rest of children. What do I mean? I mean that our education is not the best and it should be. I am talking about an education where talking English is more important than at the moment in our country. Why not? If a child only study this language at school  and high school with education that there is right now, (while that school is not a bilingual school) that child will not be able to talk a foreign English people because the boy or girl will not have a good level and will not make a sentece in this language.

My solution for this problem is that all classes at school must be in English (English subjects) and when the children go inside the class they have to talk in English as with the teacher as their classmates. I am not saying that we have to oblige them to talk since the minute one but we have to teach them that the only form to learn well a language is talking and training our brain.

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