sábado, 19 de diciembre de 2015


Hello guys, I am going to talk about a trip that I am doing with my friends in two weeks. We are going to go to Brussels! I am so excited to go there because I feel like to travel to other country and knowing new sities, places, customs and people. This will be my second trip to other country with my friends but this will be more different than the first one because here we are going without any teacher or people who could control us. We are five people and we have booked a flat where there are a lot of beds, kitchen, bathrooms and everything is very nice. The trip will last three days but the flat and the plane have been very cheap, so we are very happy for that. It will be a great trip!


Since we are younger we only know that we have to go at school and study but may be we have never thought how really education is.
That is the problem, the most people or kids in this case, do not think about that, just go and anything else. I am not saying that I am the only person who has thought it because before I was equal than the rest of children. What do I mean? I mean that our education is not the best and it should be. I am talking about an education where talking English is more important than at the moment in our country. Why not? If a child only study this language at school  and high school with education that there is right now, (while that school is not a bilingual school) that child will not be able to talk a foreign English people because the boy or girl will not have a good level and will not make a sentece in this language.

My solution for this problem is that all classes at school must be in English (English subjects) and when the children go inside the class they have to talk in English as with the teacher as their classmates. I am not saying that we have to oblige them to talk since the minute one but we have to teach them that the only form to learn well a language is talking and training our brain.

lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2015


Human beings have always had in mind that our planet cannot be the only one that has life. The universe is enormous and it is grows up more and more everyday. It has a lot of suns and planets so, I think that it would be a mistake if we believe that we are the only one solar system which has life. Even, may be in our own solar system, the planets which we are used to name, have life and we do not know anything about that.
I have wanted to talk about this theme because the universe and this type of things about if it will have something being able to speak and think like us out of our planet or system, I like so much. I have watched some documentaries about it and I remember one of them which was talking about if humans could be aliens. It is so crazy! But it was talking about when dinosaurs dead because of the meteorite and afterwards appeared new lives and the evolution. The theory of that documentary was: May be those new life lived in the meteorite which hit the earth. So, do we really know about where we come from?


This friday I have gone to buy some clothes because the winter is coming and I need new sweaters. When I went to my favourite clothe shop, it was crowded because the price of all products had decreased a little bit, so everybody wanted to buy everything as soon as possible. Later, I went to the beach with my boyfriend because we had a plan to be the whole weekend together in his beach house. We arrived at six o'clock and we went to watch a film in the cinema. The following day, we had lunch in his house and at three o'clock we went to La Ribera because he had a competition there. On Sunday, we came back at our houses in the afternoon.

martes, 13 de octubre de 2015


These last four days are been very good because we have had a longer weekend. Sometimes is necessary have a little holidays to be in relax for a short time. In my case, it was fun although this Friday I was alone but the following day I could go to shopping. 
In summer, I was working with my uncle and I had to give information papers or perhaps pamphlets about his dental clinic. So, how he paid me 5 euros per hour and I had to work seven or eight days, I achieved 78 euros. For that reason, I went to buy many things for me, specially clothes. I am a person who does not like to spend much money so I did not waste all my money and I had on mind that I wanted to buy a camera for this winter. May be, I am going to try to save money and finally I will buy that camera.

jueves, 8 de octubre de 2015

OPINION PARAGRAPH- Bull fighting shouldn't be allowed

Bull fighting is a typical party in my country. Everyone knows this party, even foreign people. But in my country there are a lot of  different opinions about that, so there are people who hate that and others who love it. In my case, I hate this fighting because I think that bulls are living beings and for this reason they feel hurt like us and I think that if human beings have to kill animals to have a party and enjoying, we have not heart.

lunes, 5 de octubre de 2015


When I was younger, my father every night told me an story which he invented. By the reason he did it was because I had to sleep but he fall asleep first. However, another nights he made me laugh too much that my mom was always angry with him because if I was laughing I could not sleep, but I did not mind that because I loved that moments with my dad.
My dad has always been a great man for me. He is a fantastic person and you can talk to him about everything you want. He is kind, happy and very lovely. 


Water is not my friend and I think that it will never be, fear is here on my mind.
I remenber when I was seven or eight years old, my parents wanted me to go to the swimming-pool with my classmates, so I went with them. I thought the second or third day "I don't like being here" because my teacher was always angry, so I was always scared.
Finally, my parents decided that I stayed at home. At the moment, I do not know how to swim and I think that I should have gone at the swimmig-pool when I was still a child.


This weekend was every time about sport and may be about a little part of party, but a little bit.
My weekend started with a typical party in my village, "La tocinada". My village is called "Puente tocinos" and by that reason this party is called of that form. If you want to go, you have to buy a lot of pork meal and between many people cook them on the street. I went with my boyfriend's family and everything was excelent! I could not stop eating. Later, my boyfriend and I went to his house and we watched a film, as always, it is something that we adore.
On Saturday, I met a lot new people and I had dinner and party with them but I arrived early to my house because at the following day I had to get up too soon.
Finally, Sunday came and I got up, afterward went to see cycling race on my village because my boyfriend is cyclist. He did not achieve the prize but the most important is he finished the race.

domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2015


1.Fear of being alone
2. Fear of my family don't love me
3. Fear of not knowing my future
4. Fear of being sad with myself
5. Fear of my friends and family are scared
6. Fear of darkness
7. Fear of flying
8. Fear of not achieving my goals
9. Fear of death
10. Fear of travelling alone
11. Fear of not being independent
12. Fear of having fear
13. Fear of much blood
14. Fear of having an accident
15. Fear of killers


As my title says this weekend was very boring because I had not done anything special. My week finished on friday at 20 o'clock and I had dinner with my boyfriend in my house and both watched a film. The following day, I had a birthday but I do not really want to go, so I was a short time. Finally, sunday and nothing had changed, I met with my boyfriend again but until 19 o'clock because we had to do homeworks. A really boring weekend.


Hi everybody! this is my blog and my second year in this subject. I wish this year was better than the last one and I really want to begin again a work like this. So, go ahead.