domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2015


1.Fear of being alone
2. Fear of my family don't love me
3. Fear of not knowing my future
4. Fear of being sad with myself
5. Fear of my friends and family are scared
6. Fear of darkness
7. Fear of flying
8. Fear of not achieving my goals
9. Fear of death
10. Fear of travelling alone
11. Fear of not being independent
12. Fear of having fear
13. Fear of much blood
14. Fear of having an accident
15. Fear of killers


As my title says this weekend was very boring because I had not done anything special. My week finished on friday at 20 o'clock and I had dinner with my boyfriend in my house and both watched a film. The following day, I had a birthday but I do not really want to go, so I was a short time. Finally, sunday and nothing had changed, I met with my boyfriend again but until 19 o'clock because we had to do homeworks. A really boring weekend.


Hi everybody! this is my blog and my second year in this subject. I wish this year was better than the last one and I really want to begin again a work like this. So, go ahead.